Announcing Fuel Finder CY

The Mobile Computing Research Centre of the European University of Cyprus announces the launch of the application “Fuel Finder CY” for iPhone and iPad. The application “Fuel Finder CY” is a cheap fuel finder guide to Cyprus. Our application helps the user, among others, to perform the following tasks:

  1. to find the cheapest gas stations within varying radius of the user’s position
  2. to be aware of the fluctuations of fuel prices
  3. to see the fuel prices by district, region or fuel company

Fuel prices for each station are updated on a daily basis. This means that the user with just a tap can download these from the Internet to its device, where they are stored permanently. Consequently the user doesn’t need continuous Internet connection to be able to use the application effectively.

The application is available for free in both Greek and English.

The implementation of the “Fuel Finder CY” is an example of how our Research Centre can help the society, but also a successful example of cooperation between the academic and the public sector. More specifically it was created in close cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism as the Information Department of the State which makes it technically possible to get the latest fuel prices.

The Mobile Computing Research Center is committed to the continuous evolution of the application and the integration of technologies arising from research work conducted at the Centre such as the possibility of proposing cheap gas stations along the user’s the usual routes.

For more info visit the app page at:

Opportunities for PhD

If you are looking for a challenging, interesting, captivating topic for a PhD take a look at the opportunities at the Computer Science and Engineering Department. Among them you will find two topics related to Mobile Computing. The link is

Note that we have available funds for 2 scholarships.

2015 Programming Boot Camp

The Department of Computer Science and the Mobile Computing Center actively support the preparation of the best high school students in programming for the remaining two rounds of the Pancyprian Olympiad in Informatics, the Balcan and the International Olympiads. We will host the boot camp will last for three full days, 15-17 of April. During the boot camp the participants will be taught advanced data structures and advanced algorithms. The participants are 35 high school students, which are the best high school students in computer programming.

Programming Camp

The Mobile Computing Center is hosting an 8-series training camp on programming. The audience are selected high school students that will compete to form the Cyprus team for Balcan Informatics and World Olympiad Informatics Competitions.

On the February 14th, we have hosted a training session of the series. It was a great pleasure to welcome gymnasium and high school students with a lot of energy and aptitude to programming and problem solving.

The training camp is organised in collaboration with the Cyprus Computer Society.

Programming Camp

The Mobile Computing Center is hosting an 8-series training camp on programming. The audience are selected high school students that will form the Cyprus team for Balcan Informatics and World Olympiad Informatics Competitions. The next session is scheduled for November 8th.

The training camp is organised with the Cyprus Computer Society.

Lecture 21/05/2014, 11:30am Room 214

I would like to invite you to the Lecture with title “Muskuloskeletal Robotics” by Dr. Konstantinos Dalamagkides from the Technical University of Munich


A presentation of the activities of our group in building, modeling and
simulating anthropomimetic, compliant robots. We will start from
ECCEROBOT and through modular robots for everyone using the Myorobotics
toolkit we will investigate the potential of compliant robots in
academia and industry.

Recent results of the Machine Vision and Perception Group in
vision-based navigation, object detection, tracking and manipulation
applications in robotics will also be presented. Since 2005, the MVP
group has carried a number of research activities in collaboration with
the Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics at the German Aerospace

Short CV:

Dr. Dalamagkidis received his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
from the University of South Florida in December of 2009 on control of
small autonomous helicopters. His research is on modeling, simulation
and visualization of engineered systems and in particular robots. He is
also the author of the first book in the area of unmanned aircraft
operations safety and policy.

He is currently a research associate at the Technical University of
Munich, where he leads the musculoskeletal robotics group in the Chair
of Robotics and Embedded systems. In parallel, he is the coordinator of
Myorobotics, a 3.3M€ research project on the development of a modular,
cost-effective toolkit for building musculoskeletal robots. His
business case for the Myorobotics toolkit recently won the ”German
High-Tech Champion” award on light-weight design.