Conference Industry/Public Sector-Academy on Mobile Computing



The conference is organized under the auspices of the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Mr. Yiorgos Lakkotrypis.

The program of the conference is available here.

Pre-registration just opened! Just complete this form or send us the corresponding information in plain format.

If you are member of a university, business, non-profit organization, a member of the public and (semi-) public sector

have expertise, data, ideas and

need specialists, funding, partners or

just got needs that can be satisfied by

a mobile application that may combine different technologies (internet, e-cloud) or devices then this conference interested you.

We aim to bring together everybody interesting in mobile applications to join forces to create something great.


In these difficult economic times for our country it becomes even more necessary to intensify research and development efforts in key sectors to create innovative products able to compete in the European, American and global marketplace. One of the key sectors that can create such products is mobile computing.

We recognize as a powerful factor that can push effectively growth, the multifaceted cooperation between academics ( professors , researchers, students) , private and public sector, which until today is at an embryonic level. This can only be achieved if the stakeholders come in direct contact where during the conference they will discuss problems and opportunities as well as issues such as sustainability and innovation. A further objective is to recognize the possibilities and begin the necessary steps to develop consortia in areas of common interest that will help to align and accelerate research, innovation and especially the development of new competitive products.

Structure and expected results
The members of the academic community, private and (semi) public sector will analyze in open discussions specific topics, problems and issues that will be presented by the participating organizations and as a result will generate possible solutions and create projects to test and develop these solutions.

Moreover, in order to facilitate the testing and implementation of the produced solutions, we will invite representatives of the various funding institutions to provide information on the potential acquisition of the necessary funding.

Participants and Benefits
We cordially invite academics, the business community, generally profit and non-profit organizations, the public and semi-public sector and interested individuals. The conference will provide :
• in participating companies, public and semi-public sector the opportunity to apply their knowledge and research by academics in the development of their staff and their business, acquire new ideas to address current issues and solve existing problems,
• academics the opportunity to work sustainable and efficiently with private and (semi) public sector to create sustainable innovative products, as a result of their research results, that will be internationally competitive and offer long-term outcomes: economic, social, scientific and other.

To make the conference accessible there will be no ” registration fee .” The aim is to create an environment where those who want to attend the conference to come and participate in positive attitude for reversing current economic climate by implementing innovative products, and creating synergies. We as organizers will drastically help in finding funds for the implementation of products. Therefore we expect all participants to benefit and contribute to the results of the conference. For pre-registration just complete this form or send us the corresponding information in plain format.

For more information, please contact:

  • Georgios Stylianou
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