Fuel Finder CY

The smart guide to finding cheap fuel in Cyprus. Our application helps you to:


1. find the cheapest petrol stations in varying distance around your current position
2. shows the fluctuations of petrol prices
3. shows the stations by district, area and company





After you download the latest fuel prices, these are saved in your device. As a results you don’t need constant internet connection to effectively use our application.

The prices are obtained from the official website of the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism every two hours. You may not have the current value for any or some gas stations if prices are updated in the meantime. We are not responsible for not up to date or wrong prices by the Ministry.

Supported devices: iPhone 4S or better, iPad 2 or better. Must have iOS 8 or better.

Other: Make sure you have an iCloud account and you are logged in. To verify it go to Settings->iCloud.

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